• Developing information systems strategic plans to help guide an organization's technology direction (Strategic Systems Planning)

  • Analyzing the client's current environment to evaluate how to make optimum use of the current system and supporting operations (Systems Assessment)

  • Identifying the business requirements for a new system
    (Requirements Definition and System Selection)

  • Conducting Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions and focus groups
    (Facilitation Assistance)

  • Determining the software systems that best meet the client's business requirements, including request for proposal preparation, package evaluation and contract negotiation

  • Conducting projects to reengineer business processes in an organization
    (Business Process Reengineering)

  • Providing quality assurance reviews and overall monitoring of project progress (Quality Assurance)

  • Providing a project management team to assist in implementing new software in the organization (Project Management)

  • Conducting a variety of team building sessions with your staff focusing on all areas of business activities to help our clients operate more efficiently and effectively as a team (Team Building)

  • Conducting an assessment of various programs currently in operation in the organization as well as analyzing various fees charged for services to ensure both activities and costs are streamlined and effective
    (Program Assessment and Fee Analysis)

Strategic Systems Planning

AEF can assist clients prepare their vision of the future as it relates to their overall systems plan. AEF does this planning from a business perspective, focusing on the direction of the business and then overlays how the systems, people, training, etc. are required to meet the objectives defined by management. We view technology as an enabler of business objectives, not the driver of business objectives. To this aim, we strive to help organizations truly plan their technology decisions based on the organization's future direction.

Systems Assessment

AEF Systems Consulting, Inc. reviews an organization's current systems' environment to assist them in maximizing their investment. This includes recommending policy and procedural changes as well as identifying potential system alternatives. Many times minor procedural changes can result in significant cost savings for a client.

We work with clients to assess their existing systems to determine whether the system in use meets the goals and objectives as envisioned when developed. This involves the review of how staff works with the system, the processes that support these functions and the actual structure of the system. Many times we can answer the question that clients want to know the most: "Does this system have the foundation and system design to support our operations now and into the future?"

Requirements Definition and System Selection

Our years of experience in defining requirements can help an organization quickly and efficiently determine the business needs for new application software. Developing these requirements can be accomplished through various facilitation methods such as Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions or through a more typical interviewing process. Request for proposals can be prepared based on the specific procurement requirements of your organization.

Once the requirements are prepared, AEF guides an organization through the maze of third party software alternatives in the marketplace. Selecting the right software package is confusing and time consuming and AEF's extensive experience assists an organization by controlling the process and ensuring successful results. AEF will review and rank proposals, organize and participate in the vendor demonstration process, assist in conducting the reference checks and site visits, and participate in the contract negotiation process.

AEF also maintains a relationship with many of the third party software, hardware and tools vendors in the marketplace, building strategic alliances to facilitate this work.

Facilitation Assistance

The professionals at AEF Systems Consulting, Inc. are experts in facilitating focus groups or Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions for an organization. Whether an organization desires a session for the purpose of planning system design, issue resolution or just brainstorming, AEF can plan the session, facilitate the activities and document the results as well.

AEF has developed a niche in the marketplace for providing these facilitation services to clients. AEF also provides training to client staff so that they can conduct these focus sessions internally.

Business Process Reengineering

As market demands and business pressures continue to be a factor today, many organizations recognize the importance of gaining large efficiencies through reduced headcount and process compression. The AEF professionals are experts in the area of business process reengineering. Our consultants are trained to assist an organization in identifying the business processes, analyzing the current environment, redesigning the processes to create the overall "vision", applying the appropriate technologies to enable the process and supporting the personnel and organizational structure through these sweeping changes. Our consultants guide clients through this process taking as active a roll as desired by the organization.

Quality Assurance

At times, all that may be required as clients perform system projects is someone to review the various activities to ensure the appropriate actions are being conducted. AEF Systems Consulting, Inc. provides periodic quality assurance reviews and overall monitoring of project progress. This can include review of all deliverables, participation in Steering Committee meetings, support to the project manager and overall analysis of key activities. These careful, periodic reviews are designed to assist in evaluating potential courses of action and provide insight to management on the progress-to-date. These reviews can be established on regular intervals weekly, biweekly, monthly or as desired to provide consistency and coordination with the project management.

Project Management

AEF can also provide support to any system project in the area of management. Our consultants are trained in project management tools and techniques that allow us to assist clients in having projects implemented that do more than come in on time and on budget - they actually accomplish the goals and objectives set out by the organization when the project began.

In our role of project manager, we can come on-site to assess the project status and prepare the appropriate plans to bring the project back on track. We can then play a monitoring role where we meet regularly with client staff to assess whether the project is progressing as planned. We can also play a more active day-to-day project management role and take over the daily project activities as required.

Team Building

AEF can conduct a variety of team building sessions with your staff focusing on all areas of business activities. AEF facilitates these sessions in order to help our clients operate more efficiently and effectively as a team. We conduct these sessions to assist our clients with conflict resolution, communication issues and to help them develop and focus on common set of goals and vision. Whatever skill set you need to strengthen, AEF can help focus your team on the key issues and provide them with the tools necessary to work in a more synergistic manner. These sessions can be conducted as a series of sessions to solve major issues or a one-time session where applicable.

Program Assessment and Fee Analysis

Many times, certain programs are in place that have been operating the same way for many years. These programs may require review and assessment, to determine if the program is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. Are there ways to streamline activities or costs, can functions be outsourced, who should perform what activities, is it cost effective, are just a few of the questions AEF can address. AEF has performed program review and assessment for various clients with great success rates. AEF can also assist your organization in reviewing and analyzing various fees charged for services within a department to determine if costs are being recovered and fees are fair with value added.