Our consultants provide the experience, professionalism and sophistication of the
"Big 4" consulting firms at a reasonable rate. This allows our clients to achieve their goals on time and within budget ensuring high quality deliverables, service and advice. AEF has a proven track record of providing these very cost effective services.

Our approach to staffing each project for our clients is to assign highly qualified personnel who have the skills and experience to match a client's specific needs.
AEF has a pool of resources that we can call upon to meet those needs, and we can assign a team who has significant experience with clients and projects similar to the client's project. Our team provides the following:
  • Recent applicable experience in strategic planning, selecting and implementing new systems in complicated environments.
  • Experience with the tools and methodology required to accomplish the activities as described in our approach to services.
  • Experience with working with various software and hardware vendors to solicit assistance and guide activities appropriately so that all parties end up with the right solution.
  • Experience in design and development of complex business applications.
  • Experience in their respective application, business and/or technical areas such as finance, human resource, information systems planning, organizational change management, etc.
Our consulting professionals have the requisite knowledge, skills and experience to ensure a successful and timely completion of a client's project. Our team approach ensures that client staff have ample opportunity to share their specific experience with our consulting team. Together we ensure that the project activities will fulfill all expectations and provide a solid platform on which to proceed with other phases of activities.

In order to ensure the needs as identified by the client are met, AEF provides a variety of personnel as required. Given these team members have worked together on numerous occasions and have a similar style and format for working together, we are able to move our staff members in and out as required to accomplish a specific task as required. This allows us to take advantage of particular experts that are required without utilizing too many hours transitioning between personnel.